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Quick thoughts on the new Piketty-Saez-Zucman Income Inequality Study at AEA

| January 6, 2016

The American Economic Association held its annual meeting in San Francisco this week. Consistent with¬†the recent surge of interest in inequality research, one of the papers generating the most buzz was a new income inequality time series by Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez, and Gabriel Zucman. The paper itself has not been released yet, but its […]

A Global Warming Thought Experiment

| January 6, 2016

I generally accept¬†that the planet is getting warmer, albeit at a more gradual pace than the politicized models of global warming alarmists suggest. Far from a cry to action though, acceptance of this fact warrants little more than a “so what?” If you doubt me, here’s a little historical thought experiment to consider: The first […]