Phillip W. Magness

U.S. Economic & Political History

Alexander Hamilton’s exaggerated abolitionism

| June 23, 2015

Dr Sir Mrs. Renselaaer has requested me to write to you concerning a negro, Ben, formerly belonging to Mrs. Carter who was sold for a term of years to Major Jackson. Mrs. Church has written to her sister that she is very desirous of having him back again; and you are requested if Major Jackson will part with […]

Guelzo/Lincoln/Colonization challenge: can you spot the problem?

| June 20, 2015

Historian Allen C. Guelzo, with whom I have tangled repeatedly on the subject of Abraham Lincoln and colonization, inserted another jab at my 2011 book Colonization after Emancipation (co-authored with Sebastian Page) in the latest issue of the American Historical Review. This one appears as a comment in his review of Robert E. May’s book Slavery, Race, and Conquest in the American […]

The American System and the Political Economy of Colonization

| June 4, 2015

My new article in the Journal of the History of Economic Thought explores the intersection between 19th century economic theory and the colonization movement, including its substantial effect on the antislavery views of Abraham Lincoln. Abstract: “From 1816 through to the end of the Civil War, the colonization of emancipated slaves in Africa and the […]