Phillip W. Magness

U.S. Economic & Political History

A Note on Slavery and the Causes of Secession

| August 1, 2015

It is rare to see a discussion of civil war causality that does not turn at some point to the¬†“secession declarations” of Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina. These statements from four of the original seven “deep south” states that created¬†the Confederacy are among the most visible articulations of the pro-slavery cause from the Civil […]

Clearing the air on secession

| August 15, 2013

The libertarian Cato Institute recently released a admirable video project addressing some of the philosophical implications of the Civil War and critiquing libertarian support for the Confederacy. I was pleasantly surprised by the direction it went, having previously criticized its narrator Jason Kuznicki for a counterproductive and somewhat philosophically troubling foray into this same issue […]